The nursery provides many experiences for your child to explore and take safe risk.

These will include:

Indoor areas

Snack time: 

Snack time provides opportunity for the children to try healthy foods. As well as become independent in choosing and serving their own snack using tongs and jugs to pour milk or water.

Snack time also provides a quiet moment for reflection where children are able to develop social skills through interactions with others.

Role-play/ home corner: 

Where children can create their own imaginary play, and invite others to come and share i.e. lets be a King, a Queen, Mum or Dad and have a chat and a cup of tea.

Role Play


Children are born with a natural exploratory drive and desire to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Through their play and imaginary and abstract worlds, they create meanings by making marks, and drawing.

Book/ cosy area: 

A place to relax and even take a nap on the soft cushions. Also, a place to share a book, with an adult or friends.

Books area 1
Books area 2

Writing area:

Writing area
Writing area 2
A display of the children’s work, the days of the month and phonics.

Song board:

Song board

Construction blocks:


Rainbow blocks maths area:

Maths area 1
Maths area 2
Maths area 3

Malleable play and creative areas: 


Book area and natural artefacts: 


Construction carpet/ group time / small world area: 


Creative area: 


Outdoor areas

Getting messy:

The mud kitchen, mixing soil and water to create pies/ imaginary food to develop their make believe stories.


Learning what is growth and what is decay. Planting and caring for plants; watching them change over time.


Chalkboards, painting easels, floors and fences provide opportunities for children to express their thoughts and ideas by creating lines, circles and pictures.


Using natural products to create structures that will develop and enhance their play. Learning how to use tools and equipment safely and to develop small and gross motor skills.

Stepped area: 


Shirley’s memorial garden:


Bottom paved area:


Topped paved area: 

Banked exploring natural area: 


Tribute to Shirley in the pathway to the memorial garden: